Travel Medicine in Chelmsford, MA

Traveling abroad, whether it’s for business, study, or recreational, allows you to immerse yourself into a new culture.  Before you pack your bags and board your plane, you should consider researching the country you’re visiting and becoming aware of potential health risks that can occur during your travels.

Medical preparation for traveling is just as important as purchasing your plane ticket or making sure you have a passport or visa.  Traveling abroad can expose you to health risks you wouldn’t normally experience while at home.  Many countries have different germs that can cause health complications, so it’s important to get vaccinated before your travels to prevent getting sick.

Prior to entering certain countries, visitors are required to get vaccinated for diseases such as Yellow Fever.  Students planning to study abroad may be required by their school’s program to be vaccinated prior to their studies.

At AFC Urgent Care Chelmsford, we offer vaccinations for diseases such as:

  • Yellow Fever
  • Shingles
  • Typhoid
  • Rabies

We also provide travel medicine for malaria and motion sickness so you can travel with ease.

It’s recommended that you get vaccinated at least a month prior to your trip, but even if your trip is last minute, AFC Urgent Care Chelmsford can be of assistance.  Our center is stocked with vaccinations to make sure you’re ready for the trip of a lifetime!

Our walk-in clinic offers convenient hours, including nights and weekends to fit your schedule.  For more information about vaccinations we provide, call to speak with us at 978.446.7515.

*Please remember to bring your ID and insurance card (if you plan on paying with your insurance). Thanks!*