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Once again we’re happy to welcome in now one of our sponsors who help make this all possible. His name is that Peter at home. And he joins us right now Peter it’s great to see you nice to be here AFC urgent care is the company that you represent and that tell me a little bit about. The relationship between your patients at AFC in the Dana Farber. So eight security theories chain of about twenty years in care clinics in Massachusetts and we are the first place where patients meet the healthcare system. So this means for all kinds of things including including cancer and when and that’s detected in a fire Farber is one of the places where we would refer that patient to. And I just wonder saying it’s patterns correct and right pattern fit in nice enough you know we we face. As you just let that fly when it say it directly Petr. Your cancer survivor and decide you know tell us about your experience what type of cancer. Yes a year and a half ago I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. And as for anyone that gets. Diagnosed like that it’s it’s a little bit of a shock in something that you have to sort of digest and understand. In my case that one out then started to talk to a lot of other people that have had the same kind of cancer is I have been. One of the people I talked to was it ninety year old man who had had prostate cancer what US about my age. And it’s obvious story that when it he laid off the surgery had been informed that his life expectancy was about five years after the surgery. I talked to him thirty years later we obviously live a lot longer than what what the doctors told him. I think that he was. Nobody told me that I’ve let my life expectancy which changed at all and signed a one year out of surgery. Could lead to cancer free completely healed. And you wouldn’t really know that anything had been run with that where you’re from and how did you end up getting in Austin. So I was born and raised in a country that last up for the north old school Norway. We eat we don’t. Play baseball. We ski school it’s called place. And I came to the United States texting while receipt of a young woman about 37 years ago. Right. Happy ending terms. Very happy XP to my wife and that we are asked me grandchildren. Eckerd and pursue what in particular. I often have. Let’s as a mother stunned the political and that John Deere product it done that is where it’s the season elections that it was nice to meet Norway. If you can find you in Chicago which is where I live I’ll see you I’ll accept you. So I have to figure it to Chicago which I did then chewed up and announced that aren’t Chicago’s colder than. I’ve had an unbelievable. Well better at home from lot easier from here we thank you guys for years continued support of dissident you guys that have been one of our sponsors and we really appreciate. A your participation as well. It’s nice to be part like this. To make an impact. With the disease that. Affects. Thank technically. A better at home from AFC urgent care joining us.